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Automations Library

These are pre-built automations for your marketing suite. Each of these can be imported into your system and used for automated follow-up for each of the lead types listed below. Here’s how to import an automation.

This follow up sequence is designed to educate your institutional seller prospects about the benefits of working with you.

This follow up sequence educates would-be sellers about why they should sell their property to you if you’re an investor or wholesaler.

Introduces cash buyers to your services and what they can expect from you as a wholesaler or flipper

Educates a property owner who is in default about why they should work with you to help you buy the note from their lender

Educates potential investors for JVs about the ins-and-outs of investing in non-performing notes

Educates potential note sellers about the market and the how and why to work with you to divest themselves of their note

Used to convert potential commercial loan applicants. Educates the prospect about getting a commercial loan through you.

Use this follow up sequence to educate a potential “mom and pop” investor about how they can use Self-Directed IRA funds to invest in alternative assets and specifically notes or real estate

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